Invited Speakers

A novel strategy to fabricate stable oil foams with sucrose ester surfactant
Bernie Binks, University of Hull 

Shape-shifting droplets as building blocks for micro- and nano-structured dynamic materials
Nikolai Denkov, Sofia University 

Assembly of Janus particles in soft matter: from interface stabilization to membrane application
Sepideh Razavi, University of Oklahoma

Structuring liquids
Tom Russell, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Soft dendritic microparticles with unusual adhesion and structuring properties
Simeon Stoyanov (Unilever R&D, Netherlands)

Interfacial self-assembly of non-spherical particles driven by capillary forces
René van Roij, Utrecht University 

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline [extended]

30 April 2021

Registration deadline:

09 June 2021